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Helping our Learners Get the Best Career Breakthroughs with our Commitment to Outcome Based Education

Record Breaking 98% Placement

Skillcept Online Achieves 98% Data Science Placement Success Amid Slow Job Market!

Helping Learners all over the Country

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Creating New Standards in Outcome Based Education

Skillcept Online vs Others

Our learners are Placed with salaries that are above 75% of the standard in the industry. Skillcept Alumni are one the best-placed professionals with salary going as high as 48 Lakhs.

Best Career Breakthroughs and into the Best Companies

500+ Top Hiring Partners

We want to ensure that our learners achieve the best possible career outcomes with best of companies available.

Making Sure you only go to high growth Industry and Roles

We are Career Focused Platform where for us Career growth over the next 10 year is of utmost importance. So We only Make sure you get your job in High Growth Industries and Roles which will ensure that you have constant Career Growth.

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By Job Role

Breaking every Myth on the Way by Results

Helping all Students with 98% Placement no matter which demographic or educational Background they are from.

Salary Break Up of our Learners

Why wait? Land your Dream Job at Top MNCs and Startups
Over 500+ Top MNCs and Startup as Hiring Partners
India's Highest Rated Data Science Platform

We’ve helped over 1,50,000+ students completely change their lives. You can be Next...

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